Pneumonia – Child Killer


We are living in this society where human beings are trying to live on other planets. On the other hand, the fact that our children are still suffering from pneumonia-like illnesses is very heartbreaking. Preventive vaccinations are administered, including vaccination against pneumonia.

The important thing is that the government of Pakistan is providing the vaccine to the people for free, but sadly, people still do not get the vaccine to their children. The risk of pneumonia is higher in the winter season.

The severity of the disease causes back pain and difficulty in breathing.

The baby cannot breathe, because all his energy is just breathing. There is also a fever. Lack of oxygen also affects the lungs.

If the brain does not get oxygen, it is affected too. In the pneumonia, the baby is unable to eat anything. Despite this illness, the baby’s appetite seems to take a week to recover. During this time the baby becomes very weak.

After treating the sample, the baby should be fed better nutrients than before. He should feed on green and green vegetables, such as greens, carrots, etc.. It is wrong to think that children should not be given food in sickness, they should not feed the child or something should not be stopped.

Pakistan’s vaccination rate against diseases is extremely low. In urban areas like Karachi, the average rate is only 29%, though Karachi is a big city, there are hundreds of small hospitals and EPI centers. The lack of information is complicating the situation. API centers are also responsible. If the baby is not coming, try to reach the children.

In rural areas, the rate is very low. In remote areas of Sindh and Balochistan, the rate of immunization is only 16%, even in rural areas, the Basic Health Unit (BHU), ie, the primary health center and the relevant. There are hospitals, where these vaccines can be administered to children free of cost, but illiteracy is involved. My father has no basic information and he understands why vaccinate when a child is not sick.

Many misdiagnoses also occur, for example, the baby does not get vaccinated against a cold and cough, or the vaccine causes the child to become ill. The pneumonia vaccine is administered to 73 countries. These countries include Pakistan. The vaccine is provided for 6 million children, worth $ 84 million. So far 9 deadly vaccines are vaccinated.

The rate of immunization in Sindh is extremely low.

We had a great deal of control over dangerous diseases, such as measles, diarrhea and tetanus, but these diseases have recurred. All these diseases have died out.

Experts say that if the tendency to vaccinate children is 100%, then the deadly diseases can be prevented. People live in a one-room house. They are in the same room at bedtime and they cook and eat there.

Sometimes animals are kept in the same room. Men in the house smoke in the same room. This environment causes pneumonia to spread. Pneumonia is actually a form of infection.

This disease is not only found in children, but also the elderly and all persons with weakened immune systems, suffer from it. The prevalence of this disease is high in poor and rural areas.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2015, 9, 22,000 children died due to pneumonia, most of whom were under the age of 5 years. Most of the children in South Asia and Africa suffer from this disease. More than 80,000 children in Pakistan every year Pneumonia suffers from death. Treatment for pneumonia is present. It is controlled by antibiotics, but if the baby’s health deteriorates, he is admitted to the hospital.

Cough and fever allergies are also given along with anti-heavy medications.

Her diet is not discontinued with medications. If the baby is infant, breast milk gives the baby the strength to fight off the illness. Even if she is above six months, she is given soup, cold, honey or low leaf tea. Breastfeeding also helps to calm the baby’s throat. With the birth of a baby, if the vaccine course is started, the baby can be protected from pneumonia and other such diseases.

With this the mother must wash her hands while the baby is working, this can also greatly reduce the chance of sampling. The mother should breastfeed her baby for at least six months, because the mother’s milk. Reduces the likelihood of a disease such as pneumonia. Also, the environment around the baby should be kept very clean.

Avoid smokes near a baby.

There should not be any animals near the baby. I can also examine the baby’s breast at the time he is sun burning. If the baby’s breathing is severe, he should be immediately shown to the doctor. People over 65 years old with pneumonia.

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