Dry Cough and its Effective Remedies


Bacterial infections of the nose or throat diseases sometimes become narcissistic. Your cervix is ​​a sound-producing device, thus filling the voice or sometimes making it impossible to speak. In some cases, coughing can cause cough. Premature patient has severe pain. Drinking too much cigarettes or drinking alcohol can cause the same condition. Severe cold and poor health are also the cause of this condition and it is more common in men than women.

Remedy: Complete rest in bed is essential. Keep the room warm and avoid restraint. Complete restriction is necessary. Use aspirin to relieve pain and fever. Steam in case of a sore throat or a sore throat. Sitting close to the boiling point is useful. Resting the disease usually cures automatically. If you do not have a relapse after two or three days, consult a doctor. Even if you have stopped breathing, consult a doctor for cough. Opt in.


It is also a type of sore throat that has invading germicidal tonsils (it has two almond-shaped glands that are present on both sides of the throat), sore throat, something is almost impossible to swallow. There is even pain from swallowing appetite. The sound is heavy. The patient usually has a high fever of 103 to 104 degrees. In addition, headache, joint pain, muscle aches and discomfort are also symptoms of this disease. And in the middle of the age of thirty, the environment is tight. Many people stay together in poor diet and mouth and nose diseases. This disease may pave the way for the disease from one person to another. In children, the disease is more prone to throat pain or headache than fever and headache while the elderly have more of the disease. The effects are limited to the throat.

Treatment: Complete rest is the first and most important need. The patient’s room should be kept warm and the patient should eat a digestive diet. When the disease is severe, only juice or acne should be used if solid foods can be used. If constipation try to relieve it, take aspirin for pain and fever soak saline hot water several times a day. If penicillin rinse, use penicillin lozenge (mouth sucking pills) if possible. Inoculate penicillin once a week.

Dry cough:

It does not have mucus, but in some cases it is a pain in the cough. This cough is due to the sore throat and itching of the ear. If the throat is bad, it also causes pain in the lungs, such as TB, bronchitis and pneumonia. The first cough is dry, but after a while it starts to mucus.

Remedy: Take a Steam Inhalation four times daily, and place it in a chair near a water heater or stove. If a spoonful of tincture benzoin Tinc.Benzoine is added to boiling water, it is more useful than simple steam. Corex Corex Drill Benadril syrups are the best medicine for cough. Affrylax is more useful in that it fights against cough and allergies. Use a spoonful of syrup (small) every four hours. Take cough with fever and pain.

Mucus cough:

It is caused by itching of the respiratory tract that is scattered in the lungs and lungs. These diseases are usually more dangerous and long-lasting. Consult a doctor if such a cough does not develop for a few days.

Remedy: The basic principle of cough cure is to try to suppress dry cough and encourage mucus cough so that the malignant material gets out of the body to rest completely in bed. Also useful, especially Kurex, Torex, and Falcodine Pholcodine are more effective. Keeping the mucus from the back down to the mouth will easily lead to the mouth while sleeping. Do not swallow mucus, but rather spit it in a vessel that can be covered and protected from cold. Banner dry or mucus know the cause of this and try to get rid of this particular stay away from those things which you are allergic.

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