Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Colds and Coughs

Sore throat, throat inflammation, respiratory tract infection or lung failure caused by cough infection. Cough can be dangerous if it is not an effective treatment. Cough is a few days old, bronchitis is shaped or dry and severe, this complex is caused by a number of respiratory diseases, and their medical treatment as well as some simple and simple prescriptions are very effective.

Types of Cough

Severe cough usually lasts about three weeks. Some other types of cough may sometimes take a long time to recover, but cough of any kind may be caused by some form of respiratory dysfunction.

Coughing can be dangerous if it is not an effective treatment. Bronchitis develops when there is a persistent defect in the lungs, and the patient has a dry cough at an early stage. If there is no proper treatment at this stage, mucus accumulates in the lungs. In this way the lungs cannot perform the normal function.

Weather and Caution:

Patients suffering from chronic cough should be very cautious before the onset of the winter and spring season, as the mucus accumulates in the lungs to become a host of cold sores where they develop rapidly.

This mucus can sometimes come out in the form of severe coughing, clogging up the drains, and often causing fatal infections of the lungs.

Methods to prevent bronchitis:

Moisture is essential to prevent respiratory diseases and coughs. In this regard, the humidity in the bedroom in the bedroom should be between 45 and 60 percent.

Herbs tea and chronic cough are very useful in the treatment and in the process of opening the lungs.

Indigestion against cough:

It is important to protect the throat from coughing to cough, so it is important to take herbal pills to prevent cough and relieve sore throat.

Getting goose fat on the chest provides relief in coughing and its heat also helps to clear mucus deposited in the lungs. Swallowing a towel with a lemonade also helps to relieve cough. Drinking honey in warm milk cleanses the mucus from the lungs. Soaking up salt water and consuming warm water can reduce inflammation of the nose and throat.

Home Remedies

Drinking hot tea, especially green tea, in the winter helps keep the throat clean and relieve colds. Green tea drinkers get calm. Drinking this tea also fulfills water deficiency in the body. Drinking this tea also fulfills water deficiency in the body. Drinking it also eliminates cough. Do not neglect the hollow in the kitchen, as it has the potential to fight germs.

One of the best ways to eat garlic is to take a couple of garlic cloves and mix them with green chilies, mint leaves and salt and make a sauce. This sauce is not only delicious, but it also eliminates the cold. Garlic or yams are a good way to prevent diarrhea in cold weather by eating the right amount in the afternoon. The combination of garlic and salt water is also beneficial in this regard.

If there is a cold, it is recommended to mix warm balm (BALM) with hot water and take it to the vomiting. Cover the pan while taking the steam, so that the steam will fall on your face instead of moving around. In addition to tightening of the chest, it also stops the running nose. It is important to have a sheet or blanket wrap on the bed after taking the raft. In case of children having a cold, get a little balm in the nose and chest of the baby, they will get relief.

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