Get Rid of Repressed Fear

How can I tell you, you are wondering how such a state of yours, because of your fear she is doing normal work in her house that suddenly knock on the door, she opens the door and it is extremely She is pleased to have her neighbors at the door, who live in the flat, and whose kitchen window opens to her kitchen and often negotiate with each other through these windows.

Anyway, she’s happy, tells her neighbor to sit down and she starts talking to them, but she realizes that her neighbors aren’t responding to anything, she’s worried and when she talks to her neighbor When she discovers the cause, she gets annoyed at what she is upset about, and then as she draws closer to her neighbor, her neighbor’s eyes start to narrow, her teeth become wider and wider. And the sound is horrible.

What is fear in simple word?

Seeing that she is scared, she starts racing to save her life. She is ahead and her neighbors are behind her. Her eyes are opened in the air. The heart is still beating fast, the sweat is flowing, but she is crying and thanking that it was a dream come true!!! This dream, like many dreams we see in our own lives, becomes frightening.

Not only the dream but we also fear in our real life a person, place, thing or event, we try to avoid it. Fear is a mental attitude that is rarely found in every human being, not only in humans but also in animals. The state of fear arises when we fear any loss. The brain is a deeply complex organ, comprising over 100 billion neural cells, a complex network of communication, and the brain is the starting point for thinking.

How does your body react to fear?

We almost do it consciously but we are also performing some conscious actions, fear is also conscious. Adrenal gland produces two fear hormones – adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones are carried to the bloodstream to all parts of your body. This increases the rate of heart rate, accelerates breathing, etc.

Such effects can be easily felt in a frightened person. Symptoms: Fear is a process that not only has internal effects but also begins to show symptoms on the external body. You have often seen that a person who is scared for some reason increases his breathing rate, tears widen, body clots stand up, sweat and if fear dominates the brain too much in such a case, the cupcake is darkened, and the heart trembles, the heart begins to shake.

Physical reaction to fear

In the event of the worst fear, the risk of developing a heart attack and heart attack increases. The reaction that causes the body to react with fear is called a “fight or flight” response. Fear can also be based on our past experiences and observations, and may also be due to dark issues or anxieties of the future. This means that the work we have not done so far makes the future. I fear to perform.

This kind of fear usually arises when we have no experience or observation of these matters, or have no idea how the matter will be handled and what its consequences will be. Fear of bitter experiences in the past is a fear based on events that happened in the past, such as if a person riding a motorbike on a highway may have a God-fearing accident in which he or she gets hurt. Not only will he be terrified of riding a motorbike, but he will also be terrified of the place where he had an accident.

Types of fear

There are several types of fear, experts have declared two or three categories as the most basic of all these types which are inherently maternal, that is, every child born with three types of fear – fear of loud voices, fear of falling, and fear of alien faces. But as a child grows older, more types of fear become part of his personality, such as: (1) Illness. Fear of being (2) Point of fear of sugar (3) Fear of poverty (4) Fear of leaving with someone (5) Fear of old age (6) Fear of dying

Damages and benefits

Fear weakens our immune system. The professional cardiovascular causes damage, does suffer from gastrointestinal problems like ulcers and may cause a decrease in fertility.

It leads to rapid aging and can even lead to premature death. Because of fear, our heart does not work. We start to lose hope in the future, become lazy and sluggish. The heart starts to wither and despair. So our physical health is being ruined and our social and economic lives are badly affected.

Just as anger and ego are in the right direction and at the right time, they benefit. Likewise, fear is an essential part of our lives. Nature has also used the process of fear to warn us of the coming calamities, that is, you can call fear and fear the alarm system of our lives. Fear also protects us from many problems and threats to our lives

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