Release from Diabetes

Imran decided to start a regular walking exercise for good health, but when the winter came, he would quit because of the severe cold and then start this series when the weather was fine. It was that he couldn’t do any kind of exercise at home. Throughout the winter season, as the appetite seemed well, he would eat sweets, cakes, pastries, biscuits, etc., and then on foot would reduce 18 pounds of pounds.

Starting a walking exercise again was not easy. It used to take years to get accustomed to it, and then it was tired.

One night in April, he was very tired by thirst. Within an hour he drank several cans of Cola. His condition was not good in the morning. After the test was declared a diabetic. For a week he was vaccinated daily and when blood sugar levels returned to normal, he was allowed to go home after learning how to vaccinate himself. During his stay at the hospital, Imran continued to attend classes for diabetics. This class details dietary hazards for diabetics.

In this way, he came to know which healthy foods and which ones are harmful. He was also told what precautions should be taken with regard to buying food items from the market. Most importantly, exercise has been shown to be very effective in this regard, not only because it lowers blood sugar levels, but also because it is properly digested and consumed by the body. I wasted energy.

When the weather was fine, he started the walking program very seriously from the next morning. Even when it started to rain, he would pull out the umbrella and walk home for 35 minutes. He was now on foot (treadmill). Had the weather worsened, he would have been on the leash of this machine for 35 minutes. In addition, 2 miles of walking started coming to the office. Her dietary habits had changed. He no longer ate bread made from vegetables. Vegetables, unleavened bread, biscuits without top milk,

Yogurt became part of his usual diet. Now he was eating three meals a day. After eating two or three hours after eating, he ate fruit. ‏۔Out of the house, boiled or baked fish in hotels, etc., and sometimes used to eat seafood, the dinner would be very short and light, but sometimes only served on vegetable salads.

He used to fondly eat fried fish, pillows and potatoes on Saturday nights, but he no longer liked these things. The only thing was that he was now conscious of the importance of health.

One month after returning from the hospital, this diet and exercise routine concluded that she was no longer in need of insulin. She was no longer needed for months and the fat accumulated in her body began to decrease rapidly. Her friends began to envy her knife body, energy and temperament. At times he seemed to be bubbling fast, but at times he began to suspect that he was not losing weight too fast.

Now Imran was feeling hungry and he was eating a little more than usual, but despite this, the weight was not increasing, while the body was still growing. He also bought dumbbells to strengthen the muscles, ie muscles. His body was now getting solid.

He had lost 74 pounds and his blood sugar level had dropped to 100, compared to 290 a year ago. His physician was also surprised. It was nothing short of a miracle.

He was calling it the result of Imran’s strong will.

Know that he is a new person now. Calling himself a 61 year old young man would not be wrong. He sleeps well. He works hard. He is not tired, can keep up energy and can say with full confidence that diabetes. There is no life imprisonment. Release from this imprisonment can be sure. Try it too! Will remain free and energized.

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