Radish. The Enemy of Jaundice

There is no denying the utility of vegetables, but we give little importance to certain vegetables, though they are a treasure trove of health, energy and disease prevention.

Vitamins are lost when cooked. Radish is a root. Its color is usually white. There are two varieties: one long and the other round. It is eaten raw as a turnip, cucumber and tomato salad. It is cooked as well. Radish contains plenty of phosphorus, calcium and vitamin C (vitamin C) as well as steel.

Radish is an anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of psoriasis, jaundice, gastrointestinal and leaf diseases. Radish helps reduce uric acid. It cleanses kidneys and excludes wastes. The ingredient of many foods is mandatory. There is a radish of molasses throughout the world: one is red and the other is white, but in Arab countries red radish is more popular and favorite.

Benefits of Radish

Radish is a fiber-rich vegetable. Some benefits of eating radish are: Helping to increase appetite, Aids in eliminating harmful germs in the body, Effective in relieving liver problems, Toxins especially Snake venom Source, beneficial in enhancing facial etiquette, useful in preventing hair fall, removing gastrointestinal, useful in cleansing the gut, intricately

Helps relieve, eliminate respiratory diseases, and assist in the resolution of neurological problems.

In addition, Radish has many other benefits.

Radish contains vitamins A, B, C and D (Vitamins A, B, C and D). Use radish regularly to prevent hair loss. Get radish water on the rinse. It removes weakness and removes stones. Also useful for digestion. Take out the water of the radish leaves in the jar and heat it with sugar and feed it repeatedly.

Radish juice is also useful. Eating radish and vinegar is very beneficial if fried is increased. In old doses, it is beneficial to mix water of radish and lemon juice with garlic. ۔

To get rid of alcohol, heroin and other addictive substances, grind it in green water and apply a cup of honey for a month. In the throat of the throat and in the mouth, it is useful to mix the lemon juice and honey in the water of radish. Eradicate hemorrhoids by applying sugar to two radishes daily or eating radish leaves by mixing sugar daily. Eating radish or its leaves eliminates stomach bugs. Vegetarians born underground to diabetes patients eating is forbidden, but radish has the advantage that it is useful for diabetics and controls blood sugar levels.

Are radishes good for kidneys?

To get rid of ear pain, we add sesame seeds to the radish juice and cook on a light flame. When the juice is burned and the empty oil is left, filter it and store it in a bottle and drop a few drops of semi-hot oil into the ears. , It relieves pain and other ear diseases in the disease, the root is healed by extracting the juice of radish leaves and mixing it with sugar.

The salt of the radish is called alkali. It is sometimes obtained from the root of the radish and sometimes from the leaves. Its method is that the root of the radish is dried by its leaves and burned, which is obtained again and again.


Solidly soluble in water with fine cloth, then when this water is cooked, salt accumulates. One pound of ash can be obtained with 12 tbsp. of saliva. The advantage of this is that it eliminates stomach upset and indigestion. Helps digest skin and increase appetite.

After eating the radish, the stomach is digested after eating the molasses and the mouth does not smell and smell. Eating radish is very useful in diseases of the spleen. The method of eating it is to peel the radish and put black pepper and a little salt under the open sky at night, so that it gets wet in the dew. Open your mouth in the morning. Radish should avoid eating at night.

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