Benefits of Organic Food and Turmeric

Some foods are called Organic. They are cultivated differently and cautiously than ordinary diets. According to the USDA Department of Agriculture, “Organic nutrients are prepared according to renewable resources from sowing to harvest. Are. ”

Organic meat, eggs, dairy products are obtained from animals that are not given antibiotics or given hormones for quick production.

Organic nutrients are applied without conventional herbicides and fertilizers (which are synthetic ingredients made from sewage or bioengineering).

In foreign countries, for example, in the United States, products that are called organic are first validated, i.e, the specialist examines the crops and other commodities.

He reviews whether the food production process complies with the agriculture, health and government-defined standards.

Similarly, companies operating in Organic Food should also be certified by the government.

What is the difference between natural and organic foods?

You may have seen some nutrients written on the natural hormone-free and Pesticide Free labels. These terms are not organic, but according to the US Department of Agriculture, no diet can be called organic or organic until now. Up to 95% of its ingredients are not organic.

Only those things are affixed to the label with the fix.

Types of Organic Nutrients:

Here are three types of organic nutrients.

Made as Organic or 70% or less ingredients are organic. Similarly 100% and 95% of items are also called Organic, but the percentage is fixed as well so that consumers know what they are buying. Are.

Standards regarding nutrients in foreign countries, especially the most honest and neutral, are set. Despite such caution in the United States, claims are not made to be healthy and safe among commonly available nutrients and organic nutrients.

Food Standalone Radiation Research:

Educators and health-conscious people are now increasing the use of organic foods, which is also useful for health and environmental sustainability.

That is why organic foods are seeing a trend in consumption worldwide. Relative agency research suggests that there are no significant benefits to Organic Foods compared to Non Organic. Although evidence has emerged that vitamins, minerals and omega 3s are found in these diets, however, the difference is small.

Systematic review found that some Organic vegetables and fruits not only have high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants, but also contain low amounts of pesticides and topical metals.

What is the term organic junk food?

It is not right to satisfy a diet simply by labeling it Organic and some Organic products may contain excess sugar, greens, fat and salt. Organic kiosks, chips, soda and ice cream are great examples of this. Things are generally available at larger stores. Although it is Organic, it is not healthy due to these extra ingredients. So if you want to lose weight then it is best to overdo it.

Everyone knows that turmeric is a component of the spice and adding in the food not only makes the food happy, but also eliminates the nourishment of the food, but few people will know that it is an herb the best medicine.

Blood from the mouth, old fever:

Turmeric is beneficial in bleeding from mouth and complaining of chronic fever. It is grilled and consumed with one gram of butter or milk, and every one gram is added to it daily, until it reaches 12 grams.

Incense and descent:

Occasionally, the incidence of diarrhea and diarrhea lasts for several days. To get rid of it, mix turmeric and black pepper in semi-hot milk and eliminate the fever and diarrhea.

Stomach bugs:

Eating turmeric kills the stomach worms. The reason is that turmeric is fed with water or its safflower is fed with warm water. Insects are excreted by their food.

Liver diseases:

In liver diseases, turmeric is mixed with yogurt. In the complaint of jaundice, turmeric powder is added to 12 grams of carbohydrates and feeding is very useful.

Injury and swelling:

Injury, both indoors and outdoors, is beneficial in both cases. Permeated turmeric is fed with one gram of milk and with it turmeric and lime. We apply the weight to the injury site. It happens

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